Working with .dwg/.dxf in Affinity Designer v2


I noticed a problem with importing .dwg file to Affinity Designer.
Vervy simple geometry, square 50mm 50mm, circle…
In Corel Draw everythng looks good, but after placing in AD sizes are wrong. I created a toppic on Affinity forum. I read the answers and I think the problem is Rhnio export function. Maybe it’s a kind of bug in Rhino (v7, v6). Correct me if I’m wrong.

Hmm, I don’t know why I am getting this…?


Place this link in a browser

Hi @jacek,

Your .dwg file opens in both Rhino 7 and in AutoCAD 2022.

– Dale

I have the feeling that A.D. does not support a specific version of AutoCAD, It seems that the File comes with R12 Release which is the safest to export (R12 Was a DOS version of Autocad in 1994 I think) some modern graphics programs may neglect to add support for formats that are considered Legacy.

50_r14_2007.dwg (62.7 KB)

Try the File Above Saved in 2007 Format give it a try.

I placed your file…

In Corel everything is fine.

Works well with Illustrator,

This is definitely AD’s problem and they should do their job!