Import dimension styles from Revit DWG issue

When i open the a dwg file in Rhino the dimension styles see to be off by a factor of 12.

x-Floor Plan - LEVEL 1.dwg (709.3 KB)

So looks like that is how they are set up in the dwg file. These were dwg files that were exported from Revit and looks like they do a weird thing were they create different text style for different text size, instead of using the dim scale.

Defiantly a Revit dwg export thing not a Rhino import problem. Sorry for the post.

It’s a good post as it will help other Rhino/Revit users.
Good information to have.

Actually I got to thinking about this. True isn’t not a conventional autocad set up, but on the other hand it looks correct in Autocad and if Rhino’s goal is to be able to open a dwg file and have it looks just like it does in Autocad then I think these settings should be accounted for. Also I tested a few other programs Tekla, Archicad and the dwg file imports fine.

The bottom line is Rhino and AutoCAD and REVIT all define dimensions a little differently. Our goal is to make imported files work as well as we can make them, but it is just a goal, not a guarantee.
You have to expect a little tweaking will be needed anytime you move from one application to another.
Since they are intended for different purposes, developed independently, and in some cases seen as competitors, they will never be interchangeable.

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