Rhino DWG File Size Issue


I was doing my drawings in Rhino and had to export to DWG for a submission. When I exported the Rhino file to a 2004 Polyline DWG file, my file became 84mb while the original Rhino file is 53mb. Subsequently, I tried to export the Rhino file as a 2004 Natural DWG file and the file size went down to 4mb. Both DWGs came out fine but some of the text is mirrored. May I know more of your workflow when exporting Rhino to DWG (for the files to be read on AutoCAD) for those who primarily use Rhino for drawing submissions? What options should I use when exporting to DWG such that there are minimal changes to be made on AutoCAD and that the file size is as small as possible. Thank you very much!

I always export as Default for dwgs. It’s the only way to accurately export curves. It preserves the degrees and point count. Generally the files are smaller than the original Rhino file.