Working w/o an internect connection

Today, my internet was down until late afernoon. During that time I thought I might get some work done, but without an internet connection I was locked out of my license. I need to know how to prevent or remedy this limitation. I’d of course no idea the internet provider would make a mess of things but it’s a colossal waste of time when I can’t use an application I own. How does one proceed in such a situation?

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Maybe tethering with smartphone :innocent:

How is that done?

one example


Nothing to thanks, i hope it works and You need it only for one connection to the server

Assuming your license is in your account, then you have had internet problems for some time, your you have not run Rhino in 2-3 weeks.

When Rhino is using an accounts based license, Rhino silently checks your license status and updates your local off-line access when you start Rhino. You can check this in (Win) Options > Licenses, or (Mac) Preferences > Licenses.
The lease will normally be about 2 weeks out, and you don’t have to think about it.

This checking and updating the lease happens automatically, and independently for both V6 and V7.
If you do not have an Internet connection this checking will fail silently, but Rhino still runs because it has a valid local lease.

If you get within a couple days of the end of the lease, then Rhino will start complaining. You connect to the Internet, start Rhino, your lease is updated, and you’re all set.

Until you get your Internet sorted, I would recommend you check your off-line access every couple days to make sure it’s updating.

Your Notifications panel will also report getting a license from your Rhino Account.

Hi John,
Nice to hear from you. I’ve had some occasional internet issues like anyone does but nothing like last Sunday. I’ve also been using the application regularly - certainly I think within a 2 week time period.

Checking it today I see the lease time

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But when I check the last date a Rhino file was opened it’s only a couple days ago.

Shared with CloudApp

So there seems to be some issue that caused the lease period to be lost or corrupted.

How many instances of Rhino do you have running at the same time?
How often do you restart your computer?

I’ve only one. The computer is shut down every night.

That’s really odd.
Keep an eye on the Notifications panel showing your license checking.

OK - thanks