What happens if I lose connection to internet? while verification?

Hasn’t happenned before, but what happens when I try to open rhino V6
is different machine(laptop), Rhino tries to connect to Mcneel server for
license verification, and I lost connection during the process?

Or if mcneel server is not available for some reason.

Is there way to locally load the license? or Just need to find a way to contact mcneel server?

(I don’t see it too often these days but there were free wifi that connect to internet for a sec, then goes to verification process to use it. So access gets disconnected after short period of time.)

Your license is “checked out” from the cloud server for about two weeks so you can work “offline” for that time before it is automatically checked back in and you need to reconnect.

However, if you use one Rhino license on more than one machine, if the license is checked out to one and you run Rhino on the other, it will attempt to connect to the server and then, seeing as the license is still checked out to the first machine, will ask you if you want to run Rhino on the second and therefore stop running it on the first machine.

If Rhino wasn’t running on the first machine when you “transferred” the license to the second, the next time you try to start Rhino on the first machine it will need to connect and get the license again before it will run.

If Rhino is running on the first machine when you transfer the license to the second, I don’t know exactly what happens. I hope you get at least one chance to save before Rhino closes. I can’t test that here, I don’t have a single-user license, maybe someone else can.

There was a time during WIP that I needed to connect as the offline license was no longer valid and I needed to close rhino and connect to use it. Though I’ve connected to the internet everyday.
I hope the 2weeks starts gets reset once connected…

Yep, if the there is an open internet connection and the license is available, the time period is reset automatically.


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