Rhino > ArchiCAD > Revit, okay?

Hello, maybe someone knows, if I imported a .3dm file into ArchiCAD and then I transferred it through RFA & RVT to Revit, the output will be NURBS geometry?

Why do you need to run it through ArchiCAD? Couldn’t you export the NURBS surface as a DWG or SAT file and import that directly into Revit? In my experience, the best you’re going to get is a generic model/mass family.

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Thanks, but these options give incorrect results in my case, if .sat

I am interested in ArchiCAD 21 and Revit 18, maybe someone tried them, tell me, please

Output mesh only :frowning:

Rhino.Inside.Revit will try and transfer as solids first, if the geometry is too complex it will use .sat import.

If you can provide a portion of your 3dm file I will setup and example workflow.


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I very much appreciated it, but I need the old versions of Revit, and .sat format give the bad results in my case, Revit don’t want to import a model in completed.