Workflow for making surface

I open a new thread as I want to learn the workflow for making clean surfaces if the curvature of sweep command is not good. Any material or course is fine. Thanks.

curvature.3dm (299.4 KB)

Hello - I’ll make you something (if this is the same as the previous thread with this shape) to show what I did in that case.
@hungwai.lim - looking at what you have in this file, there seems to me to be two ways to get clean and simple surfaces -
1, Sweep2 since the curves are all tangent arcs, you can create rails by ofsetting the outer one and then moving each to its apprpriate Z:

I would ignore the tiny fillet here at this stage and add it later. i.e. make the two larger arcs meet at a hard corner:

Then Sweep2

Repeat at the point:

(The small triangular surface is a Sweep1)

Fillets (FilletSrf):

  1. Revolves - since it is all arcs, you can revolve the cross sections on the centers of the outer arcs:

Same at the tip:


The upper pieces (red) can sill be a Sweep2 and for the triangular one, a Sweep 1.


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@pascal Many thanks for the explanation. I am trying the Revolve method, but I don’t understand why the surfaces evolve exceed the target point.

curvanture 001.3dm (284.2 KB)

Hello - it looks like things are not completely aligned:


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@pascal I see, however, when I select the center of arc, the curves to revolve is not align to the revolve guide. How do you change the alignment in the first place? Thanks!

Hello - it’s just that the curves are not quite where you think they are - see my adjusted file -

curvanture 001_PG.3dm (213.1 KB)

Does that make sense?


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Hi, is it because my shape curves are not perpendicular to the guide curve, am I correct?

After moved the shape curves to the quad of the arc like your file, I am able to create clean surfaces. I really learned a lot. Thank you so much!

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