Hi everybody, Everybody ask: How to create the sweep2 surface same with pacth-srf surface?

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Please help me, Thanks a lot for reading this message.3D.3dm (575.5 KB) please

The surface created from sweep is loose

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the sweep surface is taking in count the continuity while the patch doesn’t. If you set the sweep continuity to position instead of tangency or curvature it will work more similar to the Patch:

you can use BlendCrv with the Edges option to add more cross sections to have more control:

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Hello - as before when you asked a similar question, please RebuildUV the sweep surface and MatchSrf the result for curvature to the planar surface:

sweep_rebuildUV.3dm (689.2 KB)



Thank you for helping me, but The surface you created is not true
Do you have any other methods? :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

other methods? sure. read the training manuals level 1 & 2 , watch tutorials, improve your skills, spend time on it.

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Thank you for helping me, You give me the rhino file you create the surface!

May I ask you ? if I learn to use grasshopper, Can I take this surface?

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as I said above and Pascal suggested the same in other of your posts. spend time in tutorials, manuals, etc. there is no shortcut

having someone else files doesn’t help too much if you don’t understand the process underneath

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Thank you very much, I just need to learn the tutorials!!!

Hello - the great advantage of building simple surfaces is that it is easy to move points if there is something yo do not like.

3DSweep_Adjusted.3dm (126.4 KB)


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