Work around for non-changing styles

I have reported the problem of text boxes whose styles will not change. But has anyone figured out a workaround (trick) for overcoming this:

1,. Select Text Box:

  1. Change the style for the text box (appearance does not change)

  1. Click another text box:

  1. Click back on the original text box and the style is back to the way it was. Changing the style in the dropdown box did not change the style in the text box.

Please export the problem annotation to a file.
Verify the problem exists in the sample file.
Post the file in a reply.
Please include a description of what you’re specifically trying to change so we can repeat the issue.


Unlike my usual practice when I see odd behavior, I deleted all the text boxes and created new ones without saving a sample file. I have reported this before so I will certainly encounter this again.

I think the initial step is to paste a large amount of text created in a V5 file into a V6 file. This is when I am seeing the problem start.