BUG: Pasting Text and Style

I have raised these symptoms before but I’m not sure I have reported the cause.

If I copy text (I see with with about 50 text boxes) from one file to another, I cannot change the style. The style name changes in the properties but there is not change in the text. If I select another text box then reselect the first, it has gone back to the original style.

I have to close Rhino and restart to get things working again.

  1. New, Untitled file. I pasted the contents of another file and selected a text box.

  1. I change the style setting of the text but but there is no change in appearance.

  1. I select any other text box.

  2. I reselected the original text box and it is back to the original style. In other words, the style selection has done nothing.

Save and restart and things go back to normal.

Hi -
This issue was earlier reported by you and was put on the list as RH-58866. I was able to reproduce this with files made from scratch and put a comment in that issue tracker.

Thanks, I knew I had reported the change text problems but did not remember if I had reported finding the cause.

Memory is the second thing to go.