Text editing in Properties panel buggy

I have a bunch of files created in V5 each with a layer with some text that I need to work on. Basically I need to convert the whole layer of text blocks from a font that we can no longer use to Arial, while at the same time keeping it at 3.5mm and Bold/Italic. Then I need to edit some of the text in the blocks. It’s turning out to be a royal PITA in V6…

First, in V6, while the old type comes in with the original font (expected), it also applies a bogus sort of style from the font name - V5 didn’t have styles.


In order to “successfully” convert the type, I have to set that style to Default (which sets the height back to 1) and then the font, then set the height back to 3.5, and then try to get Bold/Italic buttons to apply. But they don’t when all the type is selected, (there are 70+ blocks in this file), the buttons are “stuck”. If I select an individual block of text, sometimes it works. However, the edit box in Properties is missing in any case…

So, I copied and pasted the text into a new file, and there I got the edit box. So I deleted the text from the original file and pasted a copy from the new file back in… Edit box gone again. I can double click on an individual text block to bring up the floating edit box. But the one in the docked Properties panel doesn’t appear.

This is very tiring… In V5 it was a piece of cake. So I finally ended up saving the whole file out in V5 format and doing it in V5.

Lowell is out the rest of the week.
If you have a specific sample file you can send with instructions to repeat the problem, I’ll verify I can see the error and get a bug report on the pile.