Woolly Paths/Edge Boundling assistance

Hi there,

I’m trying to create bundle of curved paths through setting a force on set curves as illustrated below [fig1]. However, it’s failing to resemble fig2 and instead it turns into fig3 with increased force.


Any assistance would be appreciated. I’ve attached the script and file with curves below :slight_smile:

Edge Boundling.3dm (153.6 KB)
Edge Boundling.gh (8.3 KB)

Hi @libaanw.rsame
Here’s an example file of something similar


This looks amazing. I’ll test it out now and update.

Thank you @DanielPiker :slight_smile:

Someone’s mistake is someone’s art.

Really loved your definition but i couldn’t get the wiggly lines at first…
Until I upped the charge…

The thin lines are the original curves…

Working with the distance you can get the wave to wiggle how you want…