Obstacle Pathfinder with Kangaroo

Hi all,

I was following a decent pathfinder post earlier for a wayfinding project and want to expand on one other obstacle-related consideration.
Min/Max Slope Pathfinder in Kangaroo

Here is the base setup:

  • I am trying to find a route between A and B, the orange line, the route has a width.
  • The green areas are obstacles, structural root plates of trees to avoid. The path should stay away from the green area.
  • The blue line is a handrawn potential solution in my mind.

    Kangaroo_ObstacleAvoidingPathfinder.3dm (191.7 KB)

What I am able to achieve is as follows, mostly CurvePointCollide for solving:

This works perfect for me. Yet when I want to take the route width into consideration, it doesn’t quite work as I expected. In this script, I offseted the vertices of polyline to feed in CurvePointCollide.

Kangaroo_ObstacleAvoidingPathFinder_CrvwithTrailWidth.gh (28.1 KB)

At this moment, I am able to surpass this question by offsetting the obstacle boundary. Yet I still appreciate any thoughts on how to correctly set up a route with width.

Thanks so much!

dear Yuxin, please dont take that as a criticism, i understand that using tools like grasshopper and to iterate through all possible options is something that keeps the dopamine levels up…

when it comes to people and how they will experience this walk through, nothing will ever match the feeling for aesthetics and progression like you. maybe a couple falls in love on this way, will kiss for the first time and you are the architect the human responsible to guide every person through this terrain moulding and shaping their destiny like poetry, painting a path into the landscape.

using parametric solutions to steal this process this creation of art from you, is like betraying yourself from the best solution you could ever provide… :wink: :vulcan_salute:

also dont see trees as obstacles, they are wizards guiding and watching.

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Hey, thanks for you comment. Those circles are not trees, they are critical root zones of trees to avoid, as this is an ecologically sensitive project. We are approaching trees but avoiding roots.:slight_smile:


I’m late to this and haven’t seen your file @Yuxin_Yang - however just curious if you attempted to collide things employiing thickened line segments , which Kangaroo has an option for too (thickness representing width in your case)?