Creating Individual Closed Outlines from collection of Touching Curves

Hi all,

I have come across a solution to what I am looking for through weaverbird mesh components but in this computer I am not yet able to use weaverbird, so I’m wondering if someone can help me build a script for a very straight forward problem (at least explanation wise :sweat_smile:) :

Grey lines are sidewalk edges
Red lines are plot limits

I was wondering if there was a way to colelct all these individual (non dup) curves and creating individual closed plot outlines.

Thanks in advance to anyone that is able to assist! :grinning:

Attached is a clean Rhino file containing what is pictured below.

Plots.3dm (204.4 KB)

Some of your curves are not touching each other. It would be nice to work with properly drawn curves.
Anyway, check the attached gh file. I’ve to redraw some of the curves that are not touched each other and they are internalized.
You could also use heteroptera plugin’s Geometric Region. (93.8 KB)


Hi HD_Kim, apologies, hadn’t noticed some lines were not touching! Thank you for taking the time for both solutions, much appreciated. I was not familiar with the Heteroptera plugin.