Python Algorithm: Frei Otto Wool Thread Experiments

Hello guys,

anyone knows where find the python code about simulating ‘Frei Otto Wool Thread Experiment’?


Look up for „wooly paths“ or „edge bundling“ on google or the old/new gh forum. There are some scripts around. I know there are c#‘s maybe also phyton. Maybe you can translate the c# to phyton

Thanks Tim!

Hi Tim,

Found one of your post Nov, 2017.

what I am doing, well… I think has similarity of yours, which is create a urban network based on certain algorithm. I tried Wooly Path, however, maybe its my problem, I found wooly path logic of creating pattern in a quite random way. So I turn to Bundling Path logic and found KDE(Kernel Density Estimation by @Laurent Delrieu). Anyhow, curious about whether you r still in the reaserch of network creation and if possible, what you think of KDE implementation on the urban planning level and how reasonable it is?

Thanks again!