Wood material simulating laser cut burned marks

Looking for a wood material that simulates burned sides from laser cut.

Wondering how / if the effect could be encompassed with one material instead of having to assign two different materials.

Any insights welcome.

At this time I think your best bet is to use a uv-mapped texture that contains the effect as you wish.

For Raytraced there might eventually be a way to mimic this in one material, but that is something of the future.


Falloff/dirt shader? I use octane: not sure how it translates to other rendering methods… Though Google will help I think

For Raytraced (which really is Cycles) that would be accomplished with the pointiness input provided by the Geometry node. The data to be used by this input isn’t prepared yet, nor is it used yet. But it could be in a future release.


Thanks for the replies.

With the proliferation of laser cutting it would be nice have de facto ready materials in the library to simulate laser cut for common materials such as:

o wood
o cardboard
o plastics