Octane Render Wood Materials

Hi guys.

Have You ever struggled with wood material?
Struggle no more, become Wood Expert 1.0

After months of development I finally made it.
Set of wood floor materials for Octane Standalone and Octane for Cinema, and also for Octane for Rhino.
Now available for purchase:
You can find there every information that is needed.

John Brain.

For wood and many other materials, nothing comes close to Arroway textures.

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Arroway are textures not materials, and cost much more and still you have to spend time to setup it, and have little control (due to diffuse map).

Setting up perfect materials in Arnold, Maxwell or Redshift is a piece of cake. Once you have set up a kitchen front or wall panelling material, texture switching in the node/layer generates all others. It takes a minute to then change an American Oak into a Boubinga or Okoume specimen.

The Wood Expert materials neither look realistic, nor is there a sufficient selection of woods scanned from real samples.

Obviously you are biased to the arroway textures - that’s fine - it is your choice.

But diminishing my product because of that is unfair, and I can’t see if you have any competence to state that it is unrealistic for example, you haven’t even used it.

And it’s ok - you don’t like it - do not buy it, but don’t criticize it without any real data to support your claims, or do not compare it to other products that are basically different.

P.S - you can change one wood to completely different in seconds in wood expert.
P.S 2 - besides, my product is not a set of textures - it is set of shaders/materials - witch means that you can create wood type that you like, not that the texture maps constrain you to. The presets are only some starting point to show the capabilities.

Luckily, we are in a democratic society and free speech is in the constitution. If you advertise your product here, you should be confident enough to accept criticism.

Hey mate - I am open to criticism - but give me something constructive - and I’ll say you are right :slight_smile: