Easiest way to make wood material renderings?


What is the easiest way to learn and make wood materials renderings? I have practised to use the program, layouting and rendering is next step.

For example here’s video about Fusion 360 wood 3D-materials (video starts automatically 4:45)

Is there a simple way to make this kind of 3D materials on Rhino so it takes account different kind of wood grain on different faces?

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Here’s sample what can be done automatically in Fusion:

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if you want to give V7’s materials list a try, go to object properties and pick a wood material from the long list available from the menu. The attached I show took 20 seconds to pick an African Teak polished material, then resize the material so that grain structure looked reasonable and render on my archaic 3930K machine with an equally dumb Vega 56 video card.

There’s a “Wood” texture in the procedural textures installed with Rhino. You can add it to any material’s color channel. Then set it to world coordinate system mapping (WCS) and it’ll be a 3D procedural texture like what you’ve shown. You can customize the color slots in the texture with additional textures or change the colors.