I need help with some basic rendering

I manufacture laser cut Baltic Birch products that are 3mm thick. They are sometimes engraved as well. I would like to render them in a way that would look more or less real. It would be good if I could render the products on a table (like a coaster or a placemat) I couldn’t find Baltic Birch in the materials folder and I don’t think that I will be able to create the art myself to use as a material. I am also waaayyy to stupid to get the coloring and the lighting right by myself.

The ideal would be to set up a rendering file that I could use as a template.

I think the first step will be to make/find the image textures you’ll use in rendering. I suggest doing a 2D scan of the stock you laser cut. Then make the scan tileable in an image editor or application specific to that task. You may want to hire a designer with experience in this type of work if it isn’t familiar. After you have your textures, you’ll need to decide what rendering plugin you’ll use and work on texture mapping the models you have to make the most realistic appearance. I’d probably use a separate material for the cut end grain to mimic the burn left by the laser as well.

After you have a set up and materials they could be saved in a new template file in Rhino for use on other projects.