WISHLIST: Drafting In Rhino - No Arc / Curve length dimension?

All the tools to make complex compound curves but no way to dimenion them properly?

So frustrating.

Please add a proper curve / arc dimension tool. Dimcurvelength sucks!

Unless I’m mistaken, DimCrvLength is model space only. Pretty much useless for me as I dimension in layouts.

how would you expect the dimension to function different to what is available already?
also DimCrvLength works fine in layouts in my version (7.7.2)

It would be great to have Arc or Curve dim that indicated the start and end of the curve with extension lines. It’s so much clearer to read when calling out multiple arcs that form one compound curve. Much like the arc dimensioning in Autocad.

A leader style dim is messy, especially when you have multiple Rad dims, also leaders. It’s not very clear.

Also, Dimcrvlength doesnt fall under the annotation style editing tools for dims. You can’t alter precision, rounding off, etc.

could you provide a screenshot/example from Autocad in that case of what you are talking about? i dont know Autocad that well and i have not used it in years.

multiple arcs of a compound curve

ic, yes that is not possible with Rhino as far as i know, but it might make sense. maybe add “wish” in the title of your topic.