[WISHLIST] Ability to desaturate RENV files in the Rendering Tab

I mainly do jewelry rendering. I’m not trying to be hyper-realistic, I don’t want to set up a scene and lights and everything. I just want a quick render, but I’m not fond of the standard studio reflection environment (or any of the studio environments). So, I went through all the environment files. Some have some decent reflections, but they are too colorful and affect the color of the metal materials too much.

So, I usually end up rendering in Blender because there I turn the HDR file black and white, which means I can get the nice reflections but a neutral effect on the colors.

I would be nice to have the ability to desaturate the RENV files in the rendering tab. Actually, it would be cool to have direct controls over hue, saturation, gamma, and gain like we do when we add an environment texture to a material.

(Or do we already have it and I just don’t know where to look?)


Select the environment you want to edit in the Environments panel, drill into the background image and change the saturation there.

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All the controls are there! That’s wonderful. Thanks!