Looking for render help for jewelry

hi there, I am trying to create some renderings that look like the product photos that I have. I can create a white background and make the piece metallic, but it looks flat and weirdly reflective and not in the way that I want. What am I doing wrong? I have attached both a photo and a render to compare. Thanks in advance!appgap%20render

Try adding some more black areas to your environment reflections. Right now it’s mostly bright white and light gray which makes the piece appear washed out.

When asking questions it is best to upload your file. I can play around with your design to improve its looks. Unless I have the file I can not tell you the steps I do,
Here is a rendered image of a silver pin.

All my best … Danny

Alright, here is a file that I am working on. I just installed Flamingo and have a ground plane that is white, with the Rhino interior and I am not sure 1. How to make the ground plane actually look white to match the photos of my jewelry which actually are white and 2. why the material which is on the rings as gold actually looks silver in the rendering?
thanks in advance for any help!

Here is a link to the file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bJ8arYWdz9YOSuMBdAo8yrsoMgUZnv7E

I am making some progress, I followed the Flamingo Studio Quality Rendering tutorial. I now have three different lights, with different colors in the positions used to create a bright envrionment. However, I can’t seem to get them to actually show up as actual colors. When I turn off two and leave one on it looks the same as having them all on. I think it must have to do with the environment and other interfering factors. When I have the environment set up to a solid color it looks dismal, and then with another type of lighting can be too bright all in one spot. I have attached thelink to my file. Thanks in advance.

I tried to download both of your files to no avail. You need to save the file to your desktop and upload it here.

Are you using HDRI?