Realistic lighting and reflections on metal textures

Hi, I’ve been using Flamingo for some time now and I am looking to get more realistic lighting and reflections when I render metal finishes.

I work for a clock/watch company and we need to get a better idea of what different metal finishes will look like.

we create our own materials and textures but lighting is a real problem especially when watches/clocks have flat edges.

when adding lights in I’ve really struggled and the results are very indifferent

are there any light set ups we can download etc to improve this?

all advice welcome.



Try some studio HDRs:

Reflective materials are almost completely reliant on the environment they reflect. Using a good reflective background is key. The Studio lighting preset using the HDRI above or the Beach HDRI should work well.

Some of my favorite reflective HDRI backgrounds are on Food4Rhino.