WIP testing, love the default HDRI environment, render test

Just have to say that the new default envrionment HDRI is a huge improvement!
This is rich and well saturated with a believable object and material look right out of the box.

Here I just imported the object, tweaked the material to a satin deep military green and hit enter.
Fired up raytrace mode and scissored out the image.

(Still some bad banding in shadows though, not so apparent in bright images, but horrible in dark scenes. Can’t wait for you to make a good conversion for that, but don’t let that get in the way for this praise!!!)


Thanks @Holo ! I’m glad you like it. I made some others that are in the Environment Library in v8 too that start with “Rhino 8” in the name. I’m particularly fond of the colorful product studio one for small objects. There’s a car studio too that has a hard horizon line reflection. Using a material for the Ground Plane can also make them better… but you know all that :wink:


car studio is really wonderful!

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Nice, can’t wait to test them out, but now I have to work… so until next procastination comes along… (shouldn’t be too long) Great work!

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