Wish: When edge is selected Copy-Paste to extract edge curve

It would be nice to copy-paste selected edge. That way we could quickly extract the edge curves we needed to duplicate.



Good idea! I’d add points, surfaces and mesh faces as well…



Hello @Holo, I achieve this by sub selecting the edge in question, and then I have:
_Copy Inplace
On my middle mouse button.
This works as you described for me.
Method also works for surfaces of a polysurface ( @Jarek)

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I’d also like to add getting that alt key(mac) during dragging to copy without tapping randomly…

This is not Mac-specific, also happens in Windows… --Mitch

I end up morphing things and takes ages to cancel…
At least good to know we’re all on the same boat.

Sometimes often than not I get the plus sign to show and release the mouse button but the copy fails. Is this also the case for win?

Hi Toshiaki -
I’m not aware of this ever happening - is there a particular circumstance - like with very complex objects, or certain object types - that you can associate with this behavior?


I’ve had this just moving simple objects nothing complex.
Just tried it but it’s really random…

I’m tapping the Alt and letting it go (not holding it down)