Select edges from a solid body

Hello, I’m trying to select the curves or edges from a solid body but I dont know how. Or is there a way to do a parallel curve from an edge of the solid? like from a cube? it doesnt make that much sense for a cube but only for visualising my problem/question

I’m thankful for any help :slight_smile:

You can use Shift+Crtl + Click to select subobjects, you can move, or duplicate selected subObject by pressing once alt .

@Cyver what program do you use to capture video? just curious.

Thank you for the video :slight_smile: i’m trying but nothing happened… in fact this happened:
maybe i have to download the english version

I use SnagIt for short video like this, and Camtasia for the rest.

Shift + Ctrl + Left click doesn’t work ?

Actually working on windows, may be on Mac version it’s different, i don’t know.

No it doesnt work… its like a right mouse click. Yes i also think there is the problem… but anyway thanks, helped me a lot.


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Ok, we’ll wait for Mac user answer :grinning:

I found it! Its shift and cmd instead of ctrl ! for moving alt works :slight_smile: thank you :))

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thats something which you might encounter pretty often, that on mac things work with cmd rather than with ctrl, just that you know. ctrl is also still the right click of mac. thats why this window popped up.

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thanks for the hint :)!

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I use DupEdge to create a curve, then move it, copy it or whatever it needs. But shift/cmd is definitely faster and simpler, thanks guys.

This does not seem to work on the Mac.

Seems Alt =Option on mac , no luck ?

Tap the key.

(with ‘tap’ being a somewhat vague descriptor :slight_smile: …but you eventually get the rhythm of it to the point of being able to do it every time you try)

oh, what he ^ said.

this is useful if you are wanting to learn some of the ctrl+shift+click commands

If there are no underlying curves you need to extract them. Try extractisocurve command to extract a curve on the edge. It is not the most straightforward one but it is a workaround.

I am not sure if there is an extract edge option. Didn’t find it on the mac at least.