Wish: Allow me to copy to clipboard selected subobjects

I’m getting very used to shift-click on surfaces of a polysorface. Sometimes I just want to copy those surfaces and paste them somewhere else.

Pascal, before you ask: If the subobject selection is an edge, the resulting copy to clipboard should be a curve as if we duplicated that edge.



If you are subobject selecting surfaces or edges within polysurfaces, and copying them ELSEWHERE, tapping ALT (look for the + sign to show up) and dragging them where you want will copy the subobject.

If you want to copy them a specific distance, start dragging, tap Alt, enter the distance, and place. In this case, I prefer to use the Gumball: subobject select, Alt+Click on the Gumball arrow and enter a value.


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I never ever ever move geometry in Rhino. So that won’t work for me.

But good advice for the sloppy! :smiley:


Huh? :flushed:

Hi G,

This macro will Copy the subobject out of the Object and Cut it onto the Clipboard:

_Copy InPlace _SelLast _Cut


@Pascal I think that it would indeed be useful to have CopyToClipboard work on selected sub-objects.



sorry, completely out of context, I joke around with my designers that spread out their models in rhino all over the viewport, because of course then always end up with some kind of errors of things not matching up, because they accidentally snapped to the wrong thing. …same reason why I model at zero and I mirror only using macros that mirror x/y/z zero.

…now if you excuse me I need to go take my meds.


Yeah, I imagine that should be possible… I’ll put it on the pile, thanks.