Curve Subselection By Dragging Is Gone?

I’ve daily relied on subselection of polysurface faces by alt-shift-click directly or alt-shift-drag around them. I did this for polycurves too, but in the last few months only the alt-shift-click part of subcurve selection is present any more while alt-shift-drag subsection (of say the complex end of a long rectangle full of indents I want to make longer) is simply missing. Yet I have two decades of muscle memory telling me I really did used to have that tool too. It makes logical sense too that it would exist. It’s after all easier to drag a selection around an edge than to have to target it exactly with the pointer for click selection.

Hi @Nikolistic_Villmar
I think your muscle memory might be off by a single key; it’s ctrl-shift for subobject selection, IIRC.
HTH, Jakob

Hi -

I was able to reproduce a change in behavior between Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 based on your title.
You lost me in the body of your message but I assume you are reporting the same there.
I’ve put this on the list as RH-68889.