Feature Request :Duplicate

Hello All,
It would be better if rhino have some easy duplicate option like there in photoshop. In photoshop when you hit Alt key and select some image drag to near by location it instantly creates a Copy/Duplicate of it. It would be great if the same type of option available for rhino for copying objects/Geometry

that’s already in there.

drag an object and tap alt (while dragging) which will create a copy instead

Thank you
I tried this but not working might be some issue with my rhino.

nah… just have to figure out the right timing.

it’s different timing than how photoshop works

Tap (don’t hold down) the Alt key while dragging - you might need to tap multiple times before the copy function gets activated (classic Rhino gremlin), when it’s activated you will see a little “+” sign near the cursor indicating it will make a copy.

i think that was just a misconception because fewer people figured the difference between shortly pressing then letting go (which is unique to rhino) and pressing the alt key. it should work each time.

It should, but it doesn’t always. We’ve had discussions about this in the past.

which was only due to this misconception. it works every time at least in my rhino, since i figured what “tapping“ means :upside_down_face: but i believe there was also some discussion regarding grasshopper not working the same way.

edit: but i use a mac to be fair, maybe there is still a gremlin in the windows version? @Helvetosaur

Thank you @Helvetosaur

Yeah this is the problem it doesn’t work always.

Hi @ajarindia,

You can always use the Copy command with the InPlace option.

Better yet, make a button macro that does this:

_Copy _Pause _InPlace

– Dale

copy paste does that? or am i confused.

Hi @encephalon,

CopyToClipBoard/Paste does work, just a bit more heavy handed than the old Copy command.

– Dale

i actually meant instead of creating a macro for

just use ctrl c ctrl v, sorry if that does not work on whindows Rhino… then regard my babbles as obsolete.

Thank you @dale I’ll check this out

Ctrl c ctrl v works on Windows Rhino. Often I select a group of objects and do this. Then, while the objects are still selected, I go to Properties panel and change their layer. This way I can easily select and move the copied objects by themselves.

Hi, @Terry_Chappell yeah it work’s well in rhino for windows Ctrl C Ctrl V but it is pretty old and when you have single keyboard button for Duplicate/Copy will be very helpful while you’re working on bigger project’s. So that Alt key option will be very helpful for bigger project’s.

I like ctrl c ctrl v because I use it a hundred times a day in editing text. That said, I did get tired of selecting the Rhino icon for full screen zoom and instead made the F4 key into my 1-button fix for this.

Double Click…


i prefer the Copy command over copy/paste/Move or Drag+alt…

with the copy command, the from point will stay locked to the cursor until the command is finished… with drag, it detaches when you let go of the mouse button…

like— when using Copy (not copy/paste), you can navigate the viewport/orbit the model etc and it’s easier to get precise placement… with drag+alt, you lose all that in many cases.

unless you’re just dragging copies around until it looks good as opposed to precision placement of copies… then dragging makes more sense.


have you tried using the Copy command?