Wish: Walls from Brep faces and manually placed windows on top of it

Hello, are there any plans to provide something similar to Revit’s Mass or Wall by Face? Rhino has very good and intuitive gumball to edit Breps and it could make concept mass&facade modeling a real joy.

I would like to place windows and doors directly on Breps faces similarly to how now I can use Make Hole command. Holes are working pretty well, they stay in place and survive many geometry modifications of the „host” Brep.

Rhino’s Brep & Make Hole approach

Just imagine that instead of Holes I’m placing VA Windows and instead of assigning materials, I’m assigning different Wall Types :slight_smile:

On-the-flly conversion from Brep faces to Walls would be awesome.

Similar to how we assign materials to Breps we could assign Wall types. We can even assign different materials to different Polysurface faces, so we probably could do the same with Wall types.

I tried Grasshopper approach with exploding Breps, offseting faces and creating Wall From Solid, but without success – many solid intersections to solve, windows placement are not constrained to the faces, etc.

Hello @Czaja,

We have plans to provide a tool to create walls from surfaces, so I have already added your vote to this issue. I think with this feature it would be possible to follow your workflow with VisualARQ.

About placing doors and windows, you can already create them from closed curves, so maybe this would solve the problem. While you are creating it, select in the toolbar the option “FromCurves”.


Thank you,