Doors and windows into a curved wall

How can I synchronise surface geometry from rhino to revit so that it becomes a wall and doors, windows/stained-glass window can be placed in it? I’ve tried using the Add Geometry DirectShape node to create families with complex shapes. But unfortunately the wall node in the plugin assumes that the wall is flat and therefore doors are not inserted. Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

If you are trying to convert surfaces into walls, simply use add walls node and connect surfaces as inputs. Then you will have native revit walls in which you can place doors. Otherwise I think you will need some boolean operations to achieve the result you want.

Mucahitbgoker, please very much, can you show a example of how to do this on a complex surface if you don’t mind?

If you could share an example file, I would take a look at it tomorrow.

Or you can add your geometry as a Mass, then assign a wall to it. This way you will be able to add anything you want.

In the side edges i need to place the doors
Walls 01.3dm (159.6 KB)

In the Revit Ui this is done by adding a Mass Family and using Wall By Face.

We currently don’t have that in our native components & creating Direct Shapes is not going to give you walls that allow door placement or editing. See the thread below for more info.


I was able to add a mass family with your geometry and add wall by face via the UI with only a few cleanup issues on the one side.