Wall Problem By Face

Hello fam , i am having this problem in rhino inside revit. I have made this breps in rhino and then send it to revit as mass. Then i use wall by face in revit for each mass but just masses could be converted to wall. However, the curved surface could not be converted to walls saying error : cant make wall face

230421 problem.gh (39.9 KB) problem.rvt (6.9 MB) 230421 problem.3dm (946.6 KB)

you might be able to make inplace mass and have it in the walls category, but you’re not going to be able to make a actual wall that is double curved like that.

so i might need to make it thick in rhino itself and give it a material and then export it to revit?

I closed your open brep (cap command) and brought it in as a Direct Shape in the Wall Category with a Material.

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