Wish: "View capture to file" to show a proper preview

Wish 1. It happens so many times that when I want to capture a screen-shot of the viewport, Rhino will show me a misleading preview regarding what the command will actually capture in the image file. Example:

The preview while making a 4K (3840x2160 pixels) screen-shot is relatively accurate:

However, making a screen-shot with an aspect ratio set for printing on paper sizes A3 and A4 (3564x2520 pixels) results into a misleading preview that does not match the actual output image:

In order to make a nice close-up screen-shot of the part, I have to zoon-in way too much and must do a lot of guess-work (sometimes doing several trials/errors) to figure out the proper zoom ratio and position of the camera relative to the part. Notice the small preview window that shows a small portion of the door panel, whereas the actual saved image shows the entire door panel:

Wish 2. Let Rhino remember the save dialog box size and position within the current session. Currently, if I move the window in the middle of the screen, the next time I use “View capture to file” it automatically resets the dialog box’s position to the bottom right corner, forcing me to make an unwanted longer mouse movement to reach the “Save” button. Making tens and hundreds of blueprints with this command while that window resets its position every single time is a pain.

Wish 3. Rhino 6 had superior way of saving the screen-shots, because it remembered the last name and it was easy to replace the last number of it to save the new screen-shot with an incremental number. However, Rhino 7 currently automatically adds long names based on the time while saving the screen-shots and no longer remembers the last saved name. It would be a huge time saver if you add the following options when saving the image:

a) Incremental save. For example, if I save a screen-shot with a name “Left fender 5_1.png”, Rhino should automatically increase the last number (if it detects one) and offer me to save the next screen-shot as “Left fender 5_2.png”, with the file name being selected and ready to be replaced if necessary. Another example: If the last screen-shot was named “Bonnet 3.png”, the next one should be “Bonnet 4.png”.
Obviously, since this option takes into account the file name of the last saved image to add an incremental number to it for the next screen-shot, the file name bar should be empty while saving the first screen-shot for the current session.

b) Remember the last saved name (just like what Rhino 6 used to do). This will let the user change some portion of the name before saving the new image file.

c) Automatic file name based on a short time pattern such as: “2021-06-04_194649.png” (year-month-day_hours minutes seconds). In my opinion, this particular format is easier to read than the one used in Rhino 7 at the moment, because it clearly separates the year, month and day.

d) Alternative, even shorter file names based on time pattern such as: “2021-06-04_27.png” (with “27” being the 27th screen-shot taken for the current day).

e) Along with these, keep the current implementation of Rhino 7 that adds long file names such like “ViewCapture20210604_194649.png”. Some people may still find this useful.