Recreate Model Orientation on Screen in Perspective View

Rhino v4

I rotate a model around and zoom in on an area in the Perspective view. Take a screen shot to send to a co-worker. Days later when more work is done to the model, I need to rotate and zoom in “exactly” where I was before for another screen shot.

Is this possible in v4?

Use NamedView for this, in V4 or 5.


unfortunately Rhino has a horrible limitation, that even restoring previously savedviews will not give you “exactly” the same screehshot, unless you also restore “exactly the same” viewport size + aspect ratio.

So when you save your view (for first screenshot) and when you restore it later (fore matching ones) you should run a macro like this:


…you should enter whatever size/aspect ratio you want. you can take screenshots at other resolutions, but you will always need to have a matching aspect ratio on the active viewport where the screenshots are taken.

I have bugged this to death, for many years, this is always very confusing to explain to most users, maybe you guys can finally come up with an elegant solution? so saved views are always dead-on exact? Can you also save the viewport-size/aspect ratio?


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the screenshots will also be different if your screen resolution aspect ratio is different (common with regular vs widescreen monitors). Even if you use Gustavo’s method.

I really wish it was always consistent. V6 ?

wow Jarek, I had no idea, that’s really bad!

…another related bug:

if you have pixel-dimensions for curves/edges thickness on your view-mode settings, for example 2 pixels, and your viewport looks just the way you want in terms of line-weight… When you make a high resolution viewcapture to file, (lets say a 3200x4000) your line pixel thicknesses don;t scale up proportionally, they also output line sof same 2 pixels, so the lines look very thin now.

So there’s no way to control visually a viemode to your liking and then be able to output viewcaptures at much higher resolution (for larger scale print work, or image editing) or at much lower resolutions for thumbnails.

This should also be fixed with an option to ‘ResampleLineweights’.


I like the idea of resampling line/edge widths toggle option!

As for different monitor resolution aspect ratios, at some point i even came up with camera lens multiply factor to match most common ones (4:3, 16:9, 16:10) but explaining it to people and practical use was tough. Definitely can see a room for improvement in viewcapture consistency. It should act more like a real camera.