Wish V6: Boolean merge

To me it makes a lot of sense to include “MergeFace” in the Boolean tools.

Please make it as a sticky option and turn it on as default.
It just makes more sense, and if somebody really needs the old split surfaces then they can turn it off.



Would be fine if MergeAllFaces was reliable and fast, but unfortunately, once you have complex objects, MAF can take forever…


hi Holo
maybe you can use a macro to combine boolean and merge command to simulate the feature you wish.

I want the mergefaces command to be improved to be capable to merge non-planer srf. like fillets.


Would be great to have that option in the boolean command.

I’ll just link this in here.
I am also sure it is possible to combine the ideas and find an even faster solution to MergeAllFaces than mine.

That sounds promising Holo.

I use MergeAllFaces quite a lot, and have to constantly check/fix the model afterwards, and if anything it feels to have got less reliable lately…?

With the time it can take to run the command, I really hope your script goes towards improvement here.

It’s long time I feel the same, yes mergeallface as default for boolean.
This will solve a huge amount of filleting problem and made Rhino working more like user expect it has to (like solid modeler where face grow according to the model)
@Helvetosaur because the merging happens during the construction it doesn’t slow down to much.

Please @Margaret mergeallface also for cylindrical geometry!

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Show me a sample file, please.

@Helvetosaur and @Margaret probably the “boolean mergeallface” could have a look only on the face interested by the boolean operation leaving untouched the others.

@Margaret at the moment I can’t, sorry, I’m from cell phone.
But sometimes I get two identical cylindrical surf one next to the other and I have to extract and recreate it as single.
Will be good to have an option to do this automatically if the 2srf are along the same direction.
I will post you example ASAP.

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