MergeAllFaces - Why so Slow?


I frequently have to boolean together multiple modular segments, then simplify using the MergeAllFaces command. But… even on a relatively simple model, this command can take many minutes to complete, even on a hi-end workstation. Is there any way MergeAllFaces can be made faster in future updates?

Thanks in advance.

Let’s ask @BrianJ.
Would be it multithread in V6? We like this feature a lot.

A quick test on a PC with a quad-core i7 shows MergeAllFaces processing distributed across all 8 virtual threads. Looks like there is a fair amount of moving data.

Determining which faces are coplanar and then creating and trimming a single large face and trimming may be a task which is not suitable for fast parallel processing.

Can you send me a file using please that you’d like to see sped up? The wait time may be due to a particular geometry condition and I can file it for the developers to look into.

Hi Brian,

I’m kinda tied up with work stuff right now, I’ll get a sample to you in the next couple of days.

Hi Brian,

I uploaded a sample model where the MergeAllFaces command took 2mins and 20 seconds to complete. This is a simple customer (non detailed) model where the modular components sit side-by-side, no awkward or unusual geometry, end-surface to end-surface. The model needs to be booleaned together (obviously) prior to the MergeAllFaces command.

I’ve seem this command take 10mins+ on some models. Anything that would allow the command to run faster would be much appreciated.

Thanks, I’ve filed the request as for multithreading if possible.

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