Mergeallfaces (merge all faces) crashes my very powerful computer often

This command is most necessary for the creation of beautiful images and clean models but it seems to really be struggling in v5. Is progress being made on making it work?

We made changes to command and it should start working better. I think the update will not make it in the upcoming release (5.5), but will be available in 5.6.

Please, as soon as possible… even stuff that is not so crazy is taking 5 minutes to merge.

Can you send me an example to test at my end?

I’ve stopped using it, at least in the macro I had that combined BooleanUnioin and MergeAllFaces. I had a few instances where after the macro had run some long skinny faces changed considerably. Unfortunately I didn’t save them as examples


Any news on this?

It would be really nice to have less crashing… (All my models seem to be too large to share.)

Hi Rajaa,
is this MergeAllFaces situation solvable? Thanks!

classic fail… you’d have to take a section and then extrude it to get what you want here.

Yes, this type of thing has also often happened to me… In this particular type of case, I usually array the circles and CurveBoolean into the pattern (if it’s not too much work) and then extrude solid. Or, Union all, then from Front view, I extract all the top and bottom surfaces via window select and delete them, then make 2 new planar surfaces (also window select edges from Front), then join. But it would be nice if MAF worked correctly, it does in V4.


Thanks Aaron and Mitch, I hope that this will be solved, especially if it’s working in V4.

While we are at that, something strange goes on in V4’s MergeAllFaces.
It works, but the resulting planar surface has control points very far away.
See attached.
The surface is a restult from V4.


CP_Spiro.3dm(924.8 KB)

I see that. I added it to the bug list to look into it.

here is another file, that although somewhat complex, seems like it should be exactly the kind of situation MergeAllFaces is for.

it takes about 2 minutes to complete on my 12core i7.

merge all so slow.7z(392.9 KB)