Boolean Union plus merge all faces in one command....?

Anyway besides a micro…?


Hi Brian- currently no. It has come up as a wish a few times.however and it is on the pile… do you need help making a macro for this?


Hi All,

I managed to find a macro here:

Seems to work really well however it is not a “besides a macro” solution.

Hope it helps,


Hi Pascal.

When you mention merge all faces:
Currently this merges only planar faces, whereas most solid modeling software is able to merge (automatically) several other simple surfaces, like cylindrical surfaces, spheres ecc.
Even trimmed surfaces that derive from identical Nurbs surfaces.
This would be great to build cleaner models and would be a big timesaver for mirrored modeling.
Maybe something to aim for in Version 6?


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Yes ! … + 1

Yep, currently there is no tool for merging other than planar faces. The request is on the pile…