Wish: Typing "edit" in the command line to include a suggestion for the "! _FilletEdge _Edit" command

When I write “Edit” in the command line, the “! _FilletEdge _Edit” command does not appear in the suggestions… Could that be added in the future? Currently, to evoke the “! _FilletEdge _Edit” command via the keyboard I have to activate the “! _FilletEdge” command and then click on “Edit”. It’s more natural that if one wants to edit *the last made fillet, a suggestion with the word “Edit” would appear in the command line.

On a side note, is not it possible to keep the ability to edit multiple or older filled edges? As far as I know, at the moment Rhino only supports editing of the most recent fillet, and only if the polysurface was not altered in any way (for example, if another surface of the said polysurface was extracted).

You could make an alias with the macro, it will appear in the autocomplete…

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Thanks, that did the job! I made a custom alias now, but my point was that it would be nice to have it included in Rhino by default, because many Rhino users would benefit from that. :slight_smile: