Wish to link an excel file

I put a table with a list of items on each model I create, its a bill of materials if you like. Presently I do this by saving my excel table as a PDF and importing on to a layout page. Would be great to be able to ‘paste special’ as linked like you can in autocad, so when you update your excel table it automatically updates the linked table in your rhino file :slight_smile:

We have this one on our list a few times already.
I’m adding your request to the item that I found is open to the general public - RH-35934.

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It seems a no brainer to add this functionality, for architects, interior designers, furniture designers or any designer who has multiple objects in their model this is becoming an essential part of the drawings which are put on to layout pages. This request RH-35934.was added 2 years ago, which is pretty disheartening :expressionless:

I thought there was a way to do this using Grasshopper…

Unfortunately I don’t use Grasshopper John, I have no need for it (as cool a design system as it is). Surely after all the effort put in by Mcneel to make the layouts get some where near to autocad a linked excel file function would be a great addition :slight_smile:

I don’t Grasshopper either.
For that matter, I don’t use Excel.
For my simple needs, Google Sheets does everything I want.

I just don’t hear an overwhelming clamor for linking Excel into native Rhino generally.
It seems like a great opportunity for a third-party plug-in developer to me.

John, I beg to differ, this simple functionality would be big step in the layout/draughting side of the documentation produced from Rhino models, a whole load of designers from different sectors would see this as a big benefit, there are quite a few threads going back a few years where this has been brought up, see the attached screenshot and the comment by @dale
“Import and/or link Excel table (this is actually #1 on our list right now as the biggest feature AutoCad has that Rhino does not for 2d drafting)”

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topics found here, here, here, here

You’re wasting your time trying to convince me.
You need to convince a developer that it’s worth there time and effort.
Based on the other projects we have going on around here, I don’t see this rising to the top of our priority list.

If this is as important as you say, it’s a good project for a third-party developer.
Maybe you should consider spearheading that effort yourself, and find a developer to work with.
Just a thought.

well the comment from @dale on that thread says ‘this is actually #1 on our list right now as the biggest feature autocad has that Rhino does not for drafting’, if that is not an important feature to add I don’t know what is, and that’s from a Mcneel employee.
I pay my way for my licenses John, both Mac & Windows, and happy to engage in the forums here, so to ask/tell me to go and sort it myself sort of sucks :roll_eyes:.
Yes it would help me in my professional work, it would also benefit many others and improve Rhino as the best versatile modelling software out there :slight_smile:

You completely missed the intent of my message.
It was purely related to improving the odds of you getting the tool you want.
Based on my 30+ years here, I think waiting around for us to do it is not likely to happen.
Your best option is a plug-in.

I’m through here.

well, I’ll just leave this quote here from a Mcneel employee,

‘this is actually #1 on our list right now as the biggest feature autocad has that Rhino does not for drafting’

Hi @milezee,

The comment wasn’t from me or anyone here at McNeel, but rather one made by a customer who wants to remain anonymous (which is why the YouTrack issue is private).

That said, coming up with a solution for tables is of interest to us, even without this comment. We don’t have a solution at this time, however.

– Dale

apologies @dale the way it reads on that thread I presumed it was from yourself, who ever made the comment had a very valid and good reason to make it, because right now it’s a huge miss on the documentation side of things, I hope this gets the attention it deserves :slight_smile:

That may well have been my comment from many years ago.

We’re still pasting pictures of Excel tables into Rhino here, FWIW.


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it looks and sounds like we’ll be copy & pasting for a few more years yet :crazy_face: