Rhino - Excel


I would like to ask if link between excel and rhino (or other database) is possible or not. I would like to link some records into Rhino Layout, would be fun to work this way.


I was also wondering if Rhino can read layers from excell.
Is this possible?

Thank you

I know this can be scripted and you could ask how exactly in the scripting category on the forum but I would also suggest using Grasshopper for this. The Read File component would be the place to start I think.

Here is a RhinoScript sample that demonstrates how to open an Excel file and print it’s contents to the Rhino command line.

Given this sample, it should not take much to modify the script to do other things, such as read a list of layer from Excel and then add them to Rhino.

Here’s a thread about writing data to excel from python.

Reading data from Excel is also possible. This can be done with RhinoScript, Python, C#, VB.NET, Grasshoppper, …