Excel import to rhino

Hello all

I tried to find some information about my problem here but unfortunately I did not find anything, which is why I am writing a new topic.

Is there any option that can quickly replace old layouts with newly created ones?

I know that you can import new ones and copy everything by hand, but I’m not talking about it.

Another question is whether it is possible to import an excel table into a layout?

Thank you very much for your help

Dear Kunf
for the excel-Data:
(1)Export the excel-Data as pdf or use a pdf-writer to print a pdf.
(2)Open the pdf in Adobe Illustrator.
(3)Check the layer-panel in illustrator and remove unwanted clipping or other fragments of the pdf - this might be optional
(4) export from Illustrator as dxf
(5) import to rhino - you can copy paste between standard viewport and Layout.
you might loose line-weight and font info with this workflow.

if this does not work - you might want to post sample data - also for your layout question.

hope that helps, best Tom

Hello Tom

Thank you for quick response

For a excel-data
thats just give me a image of it, but unfortunately it still non editable.

In 2nd example if you will look attached file please, I would like to change frame and description, I created new one template and I would like to replace it in other drawings, without making a new files.

Is it that possible to make it ?
Layouts.pdf (2.1 MB)

Hi - for completely separate issues, please start new threads.

That said, for excel data, here are a few options:

  • PrintScreen from Excel and place that image in Rhino.
  • Use Grasshopper to import the Excel file and do your formatting (column width and row height, …) in Grasshopper.
  • Use the RhinoPiping plugin to import a csv as a table.

As for the layout, it’s still not completely clear what you need. Are you going to replace the Title Block on layouts in several files? If you don’t have an existing logic in existing files, you will probably have a hard time automating this and will have to use Copy-Paste.

Excel → Rhino
Dear Knuf
my old mac excel version let s me export directly to pdf.
but also the mac print → save as pdf works.
If you use a pdf writer it should support vector / font output.

make sure to use only truetypefonts, that are available for all 3 Programms
Arial (Windows) and Helvetica (Mac) should work.

if you don t clean the pdf in illustrator you get a lot of nested blocks in Rhino.

good luck, best, Tom

You can import an excel file in the form of a pdf to rhino, which makes the work easier and it is possible to edit it.

Tom, thank you for submitting the idea from pdf;)

Hi, just to keep the links up-to-date, the “Table” plugin is not distributed by RhinoPiping anymore (above link), but a new version has been released under the brand TomKod™:

It now reads directly .xls, .xlsx, .csv files, and includes a integrated Rhino editor. (Compatible with Rhino 5-6-7)

Demo video here: Table for rhino Demo - YouTube

Hi, What does it costs, and how can I purchase this?
is it still available?