Layout is great, until you need to schedule anything

I love Rhino so much that I’m trying to use Layout for a very small project that can easily be accommodated by Rhino 7 on windows. However, as a professional, no matter how small the project, we require tables to schedule everything from sheet index to keynotes to plumbing schedules. Until Rhino includes a table functionality similar to ACAD or (and my preferred) a simple table reference including formatting (similar to Sticky for Revit), then the amount of time wasted is not worth it. If there is a solution out there that accomplishes either of these options, I would like to see it. I would LOVE to see it integrated with the next iteration of Rhino (8). Hope this doesn’t get bumped for silly reasons.


I agree , I would also like to see table functionality in Rhino.
Rhino is already an excellent tool for modeling, visualization, interoperability and flexibility , so I Look forward to the continued evolution of the Drawing, Documentation, and Layout side of the software as well.

As @elani mentioned , It would be very useful to have the ability to create and format tables for keynotes, schedules, sheet index, outline specifications inside rhino similar to the Text tools, and even better would be to be able to have this layout information referencing to data tagged onto rhino objects in the model.

Thank you , Nick

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I love tables!! Is Rhino really a table program though? Whether it is or not, someone ought to come out with an add-in that provides table functionality. I suppose if the demand is there the feature will eventually come.

I did a quick search on food4rhino and saw that there are a couple table add-in’s. One is a 60 Euro yearly fee… which I don’t like off the bat (as I feel like a key positive about Rhino is it’s perpetual license). Another is free??? (maybe) but seems to be glitchy. The more expensive option better be damn near perfect. Whenever I get suckered into paying to be a beta-tester I start to see red. Developers need to acknowledge how much free beta testing occurs let alone expecting their paying users to beta test.

I have the Visual ARQ plug-in. It does scheduling. I DON’T use this feature. I also know the frustration of having to shell out ‘X’ amount of $$$ for a plug-in when you only use X/100 of it’s features. But it’s worth a look to see if it will fit your needs.

How the heck and I supposed to list parametric grasshopper lists, or window and door schedules for all my projects?
Been using rhino since R2 in 2003.

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No, its not. To make a robust updatable table some sort of database would need to maintained. This is why Revit has solid schedules, its one big database.

The user currently needs to gather, sort and maintain the data in grasshopper, which can then be put back into Rhino as a table. I’ve found creating a csv or referencing an excel document is more accessible than json.

Its on the development radar, but considering some of the other features/rewrites in the works it’s not high on the priority list. Like i said, there would need to be mechanisms to gather, sort and maintain the tables, most of which can be done in GH at the moment.

I’ve started putting together a few of the parts and pieces from others and will jump back into it this week to get this working again in layouts, perhaps with annotation styles. If a solid workflow of .csv to table is working we might be able to get momentum in the gather and sort development aspect.

Can’t it just be made with the grasshopper player? I know the GHplayer is something for us to hack stuff done, but it could make some shortcuts to add quick workarounds while the main stuff is not made?

Also, another thing I think would help is some sort of script manager, like the package manager (maybe an tab to the package manager?) where we could grab some of the scripts made by the devs and publish our own (I always lose the Explode Blocks to Layers script for some reason and keep having to google for it)

All, there are solutions in GH for importing table data from CSV files, etc. I’m not looking for a parametric table like revit, either. I’m looking for a simple, updatable snapshot of an excel file/sheet/print area, OR the ability to make a table from scratch and control the graphics within Rhino (including rotate text). Nothing extraordinary, just a way to make a robust set of construction documents for a small project.

My goal is to go back to an ACAD mentality of drawing, i.e. non-parametric, with the model and view capabilities of Rhino. For some projects, parametric is just not worth the headache.

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Tabl_ is free spreadsheet plugin for the viewing, editing, and exporting Rhino object properties. The Rhino objects are linked to the spreadsheet in real-time. source: Tabl_ | Food4Rhino

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I think this plugin is SO close to having the “copy/paste” portion of my request done. But, importing without formatting is the frustrating part, including turning text vertically. My sheet index, every new issue, requires a vertical column. Similar with my accessory schedule (a check yes or no if electrified).

If the perfect thing happened, Tabl_ would figure out how to integrate formatting from Excel and Rhino would buy it and make it native. But half way there is Tabl_ integrating styles. That would be awesome. Maybe TomKod is who I need to reach out to.

Its so sad that this kind of functionality is not considered a high priority :unamused: , so many requests and lengthy posts about having some kind of tables and BOM functions inside Rhino over the years and still nothing :man_shrugging:


@milezee, I can’t agree with you more.

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Please work on this!
That and a spell checker.

I might be missing something here but if parametric tables is not what you are after then what is the use of manually typing and creating a “table object” inside Rhino? You can always do this in Excel or such and import a screenshot.

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