Wish: thousandths separator/comma in polycount dialog

Would like a thousandth separator in this and similar dialog boxes. Is this feasible?
ex: instead of 3565670, it could read as 3,565,670.


Or is there a setting for this in Advanced already?

These #s start blurring together sometimes, I always have to take longer than usual to check the value.

Thank you,

+1, often have same issue

Hi Robert - got that, thanks.



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RH-55750 is fixed in the latest WIP


works great thank you!
Would it ever be possible to introduce this to the command line screen as well, or is it not practical to have commas separators in there?

The command line is a lot harder, because for many commands, one needs to enter points:

What is this?

Is it a 2D point at 3.45, 6.7? or a 3D point at 3,45.6, 7?

Doing this consistently so that scripts work around the world is difficult to do well, so we’ve never attempted to solve it.

Yah figured something like that. Thanks again.