Wire thickness

I tested to change wire thickness in the latest Rhino 6.3 version. I used the options / advanced / WireThicknessScale, and got very thick lines. When I wrote 0.6 I got 6 instead.
If I use the old testWireThicknessScale command instead I get the correct result.

Hello - thanks for the report. What is your location? Is your Windows set up for comma as the decimal separator?


Yes, but I used the scroll to set the parameter.

@pascal Is there any possibility to fix the problem with comma separator?

When I fill in a value using dot as decimal separator Rhino still uses a comma when I click OK.
I now tested it in version 6.3.18090.471, 2018-03-31

Hello - thanks for the details, I am checking on this. Sorry for the delay.


Hi @pascal,

I noticed this with the new setting:


I entered 0.6, closed the options, and when I re-open the options there are too many decimal places spilling over.

Hi Dan - I see that, thanks.



I just now installed SR4 and there are still nothing done to the problem with a comma instead of a dot.

Hei Per,
I see that here as well on my system. I’ve now logged this as RH-45956.


A month has passed on and nothing has happened

My office has got the same issue, and would also like this fixed anytime soon :wink:

Thanks, I gave the YT item a bump.


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@pascal Maybe it’s time to bump again

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Someone could perhaps make the priority higher?

Is John Morse no longer working with you?

Nothing happenes with this subject.

Hei Per,
A quick check in the tracking system shows that John has 150+ issues on his plate at this point.

As long as an issue has a workable workaround (in this case testWireThicknessScale) I can imagine that it won’t float to the top of the pile in a hurry…

That said, it doesn’t hurt to send a reminder once in a while.

Hei igjen, Per,
FWIW, I can’t reproduce the issue on my system anymore - the “.” remains a period and is not converted to a comma. Which Rhino version are you running at the moment?

I’m running 6.10.18311

I checked just now and you are right, it’s fixed :grin:

Cool - Thanks!
150+ minus 1… :sunglasses: