Wish: full support of "," and "." for numerical inputs (mapping, PBR, ...)


if I use the num pad of my keyboard than it write numbers like “1,5” and for example the V-Ray plugin accept it and write it to the needed format “1.5”. It could be nice if this equal support of “,” and “.” could be implement for Rhino too. For example missed at the Mapping options or the PBR materials.


It would be indeed nice. Problem is that Rhino doesn’t support comma as decimal separator at all, anywhere. And my understanding is that currently there are no plans to ever do that (as dutch person who learned decimal separator is the comma I also find the dot annoying).

If you type coords in the command line, you need them both: 1.23,4.56,7.89
How to deal with this, then?
Allow comma in other input fields but not in the command line? Confusing.

One could allow for several different separators like semicolon ; or pipe |.


This is just a technical hurdle that could be solved.

For me strange is that the num pad of the keyboard has numbers and “,”. So, the standard for the german keyboad seams to be to write for example “1,5”. But if I type numbers at Rhino than I need to switch from the num pad to the letter area of the keyboard and to look for the “.”. It’s not a nice workflow for the hands.

I hear you.

Please see RH-53541 Wish - Use comma as decimal separator.


Hi @nathanletwory
When reading this thread some days ago, I had the feeling that SOMEWHERE in Rhino there’s a dialog box or something that already allows for both . or , to be used without any problems, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where. Now I just came across it: It’s the Environment intensity and rotation! At least here on my machine (using a Scandinavian keyboard layout), I can input 0,5 or 0.5 and it’ll be understood as 0.5 by Rhino. What makes that little dialog different from the others?

TIA, Jakob

Maybe implemented using Eto? Or if you’re using the RDK Eto UI (if you flipped that advanced switch) that may be the case to.

Anyway, it may be that in the future when we switch more over to the Eto UI it may start working in places.

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