Wish subd not move uv option ala blender


I’m trying to make these low poly buildings like Ian Hubert but I can’t use sub-d because the texture mapping uvs go nuts when you add an edge.

Please can we get options so that we can…
Use picture command or something similar to load a mapped plane to aspect ratio.
Insert the picture plane as subd plane.
Have an option like in blender and like we have now in nurbs to not move uws when modeling.

Currently I have to use nurbs because of texture stretching I think rhino would really do this well but we just don’t have these extra needs/options in sub-d. I think it would be really useful.

Ian Hubert did this quick tut in blender also I love his short, Salad Mug all done in his studio garage.

Modeling Buildings in Blender- Lazy Tutorials - YouTube

Episode 1 : Salad Mug - DYNAMO DREAM - YouTube


For his method don’t use SubD. Stick to mesh.

UV editing gets attention for Rhino 8, maybe @Jussi_Aaltonen can make things better for mesh editing as well.

And yes, Ian Hubert is a great guy, also based in Seattle btw. I got a Project London t-shirt, which I have worn out till the thread, and the DVD (because I helped them out at the time). Don’t forget to watch his Dynamo series on the KarmaPirates channel.

Hi @nathanletwory

Ok I’ll stick to meshes that makes sense. Sub-d is doing great in rhino so I’m looking forward to what you guys come up with. It would be nice to get the no uv stretching in subd in the future.

Whoa too cool of course you worked with him! Yes, I saw he’s in Seattle he should support Rhino too, lol. I’m hoping he needs some good set designers, looks like fun to work for him.
Watching project London now.
Thanks for the links and for your help,