More with SubD Tools

I’ve been using the SubD tools more and more and really have enjoyed the freedom they provide in Rhino. I still use Fusion to get the simplest poly surface I can when converting to Nurbs from Modo. The times I don’t need that simplicity then Rhino’s are fine…though pretty busy. The business was a feature I needed for this project so was nice to have. Mostly using MultiPipe, Quad Mesher and ‘Convert to nurbs’. I’d much rather do all in Rhino but Modo still plays a big role because of familiarity. Personal project just for fun. Rendered in Maverick…loooove that render!!


beautiful work as always Paul! I wonder how you managed texturing the shapes/pipes

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Truthfully, I just let Maverick map out the UV’s. It has a number of projections and there tends to always be one which is close to right. It’s a wonderfully forgiving program.

any chance you’d be willing to convert the same subd to nurbs in 360 and in rhino and post the files for us to compare? I’d love to see the differences between how we handle simplification of the patches.

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Here is a file which originated in Rhino (swept one rail>quad mesher>modo) then modified in Modo and exported as OBJ cage. Imported into Rhino and also Fusion 360 (exported as .step once converted to curbs in Fusion). In Rhino converted to subD and then converted to Nurbs.

Infinity.3dm (2.2 MB)


Just for more perspective to @PaulS’s point here:

Like I said in other threads, Fusion 360 is a great companion tool for Rhino, for us it’s worth using just for these reasons alone:

  • Import/export of assemblies (native SW, Parasolid, NX, Creo, etc)
  • Healing naked edges with Stitch operations (we model neatly but most of our clients don’t)
  • booleans (Many boolean that Rhino cannot do, Fusion succeds)
  • fillets (adding and removing)
  • direct editing (Rhino sucks at this badly)
  • Sheet metal development
  • CNC machining toolpaths (big reason for us to also get mor einto it)

This week added 6 more licenses to our existing 5, because it’s such a great utility. Until tomorrow Fusion is running a 50% off for 1-3 years subscription, I know many of you have religious reasons that prevent you from engaging in ‘subscriptious activity’ and emotional reasons to refuse to give money to Autodesk. But as a business proposition, this is such a great deal for Rhino users:

I called them up and they actually agreed to give us the extra 6 license at legacy pricing (similar to the 50% off) that will stay as legacy pricing beyond any intro period. Well, for as long as Autodesk decides to maintain this legacy/grandfathered pricing, know knows. So remember folks: always ask for discounts and extra promotions, you might actually get them.




Fusion is a very nice modeling tool.

One place where Rhino out-shines is when dealing with a subD which ‘self-intersects’ in box mode. Fusion just errors out and won’t convert. Rhino succeeds.

you are correct in your statement, however, ideally you should fix any box mode self intersections… It’ll “work” but isn’t “correct” and as good modeling practice should be avoided.

clean box mode= clean smooth mode.

but… winning ugly is still winning, so…you do you, don’t let me and my blathering on stop you from crossing the finish line any way you see fit.

Yes, nothing like perfection but it can get in the way of expression, at times. One of the reasons I started using Rhino a number of years ago was because it’s tolerances were loose enough I could model ‘sloppily’ and get away with it. I had used an ACIS Modeler up until then and it drove one to insanity if just one little aspect (and often unknown which) was not within tolerances.

Being an illustrator, pretty close works quite well!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting this Gustavo. I had seen the Fusion promotion offer and was sitting on the fence as to whether it is worth having. I posted a question on here a couple of days ago to that effect but it got limited response

I’ll make the purchase.

didn;t get advice on buying fusion on the rhino forum?

here is my shocked face…


Yeah. Well, it was worth a try :grin:

Just bought a 3 year subscription to Fusion. Also very tempted by Maverick, having just had a closer look at their website. Can’t find much information on exactly what the Rhino 6 bridge brings to the table.

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Oh God. And now I’m an Autodesk Evangelist. There’s always a new low for me to reach :rofl:

don’t expect a holiday card from us this year Gusto…



I agree with this statement. I always value Rhino’s approach of ‘we will give you something you can work with’, even if it means more manual work still needed.

Perfect examples are challenging fillets or shelling: Rhino will try and will give you something, you might have to trim, extract, rebuild but you got something to work form. Solidworks, Fusion and all the other ‘non-committal tools’ simply say a version of: “Sorry this is not a simple AF prismatic model, so I cannot do that operation, try designing prismatic boxes with G1 fillets and then I can do anything to it!”


yeah, we are kinda like this guy…


Good find haha :grinning:!

Glad you self deprecated. As I was reading, was wanting to ask for your coupon code now that you’re on the payroll. :rofl:

No shame. Been going to that Dark Side for bail-outs since near day one. Everyone needs a vice. Gotta do what ya gotta do…

At a very practical level, the more we can do in other tools when those other tools are better at those tasks, the less I have to ask the Rhino team for improvements that are not in their best interest.

By using things like Fusion, Octane, Vray, Xnurbs, Modo, Sketchup, Unreal, Blender, Reality Composer, and all the Adobe crap, we can make sure we only ask McNeel to work hard at only what’s best for them, not what’s best for us.

And even still, it’s a part time job for me to keep them focused :rofl:


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What about MoI3d box -> subd -> nurbs conversion? 4 surfaces and 594 points. I think it looks nice.

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