How can I align SubD vertices in one plan?

Hello guys,
As for the vertices in a loop, how can I align them easily in on plan (like the function in T-spline)? Now I can just move them one by one using xyz.
And also, how can I move single vertices align the SubD edge (as the red arrows show)?
Thank you so much!

Hi @w.wu

Use the Align command > ToFitPlane option.

Regarding your second question, I’d just delete the edgeloop so you don’t stack verts and cause other issues.

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use gumball-

select all points, scale to 0 using the appropriate scale handle-

move them as needed with arrows-

bonus party trick, rotate the gumball 1st to pick which plane you want to align to then scale to 0-
(rescale as needed if the points are squidged in a way you don’t want them)

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Thank you for your reply.
For the second question, I am sorry I was not clear. I mean, if I choose a single vertex, and want to move it along the edge it belongs to, how should I do it?
Thanks again!

Thank you so much, @theoutside!
Your method is so powerful and easy to handle!

use the “slide” command

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That command is fantastic!!
Thank you again, @theoutside!
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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