Wish: SubD Retopo tool and SubD Flatten points tool

Hello, Im an ex tsplines user from rhino 5 and now working with SubD, It would be great if there was a similar tool to flatten points or a way to align the control points of my surface to a specific plane or to have them snap with a topology tool to a surface. Also the Radiate tool is still a bit finicky when applying radial symmetry to an sub d mesh that already has Reflect applied.

Thank you.

you can use project

in your title you write about Retopo, is that solved for you? just in case there is quadremesh for retopologizing mesh.

I guess the retopo tool wish is more about retopo snap. It allowed modeling a T-Spline on top of another mesh in real time.

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Do you mean project snap or project command?

The interesting thing about the flatten points tool in tsplines is that it would calculate the mean direction/distribution of a set of selected points and would place them on a single plane which came was really handy when you where free modeling and at some point wanted to stablish perfectly flat surface or clean up your mesh.
To do this now im using the set points command but that only works in world axis directions.

About the retopo yeah it was more about retopo snap which allowed you to basically follow a nurbs surface with control points while at the same time building your quads.

yes exactly this.

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i meant this yes, it will project your selected (control)points onto a plane or even onto a surface

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oh, and you can also use the smooth command to flatten your controlpoints maybe also helpful.

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Maybe the SnapToMeshObject command could be extended with a SnapToSubDObject option.

@nathanletwory ?

Hi @j.beltran
What sort of objects you’re building new geometry by? Nurbs surfaces only?

I work in furniture design so 70 percent of the time I’m using Sub D to build everything for the initial concept. Then I would pass to nurbs modeling to finalize design. @Jussi_Aaltonen

you can use gumball to flatten or align points- see this video

one additional thing, you can always make a custom cplane, then set gumball to cplane and then use scale to zero to flatten subd points to a specific plane. also ctrl then click on a handle to rotate the gumball to a specific orientation then scale to zero to flatten.
see 29:27 of this video-

as for the retopo and retopo snaps, this is a work in progress and IMO is not there yet… we’d welcome users of this early tool to give feedback in a dedicated thread so we can get the dev eyes on real world examples so we can make this better.


Hi @j.beltran , there is a new command in the next Rhino WIP 8 called SnapToSubDObject - it works in the same manner as SnapToMeshObject.


That’s great! I will definitely try it out

You could make a PlaneThroughPoint, CPlane to that surface, then Set Z to CPlane?

(in response to flattening/averaging a set of points that kind of suggest a plane)

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RH-66008 is fixed in the latest WIP

hello has anyone found a similar function to Retopo snap in SubD or Rhino 7? It would be a lifesaver ,


Dear @inju
what s the intention of this workflow?

why don’t you just use (left to right)
and you re done ?